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Share of space and knowledge

Book a visit and share your day-to-day and knowledge with us.

Working space

Share a workspace with access to an individual desk, meeting room, food and lounge area.


Share what you know and take advantage of collective knowledge. We all have something unique to teach and learn.


​Share experiences with professionals from different areas, create synergies and develop your network.


​After a period of great social deprivation it's essential to socialize, communicate and share stories with others.

Benefícios para co-sharies

Have you ever heard of the open co-sharing regime?

​The co-sharing regime is an innovative concept where several companies or people share not only a physical space, but knowledge, know-how, networking and experiences with each other.


Only €100/month per person

Do you have questions? Talk to our team via WhatsApp // click HERE

Would you like to better irrigate? 

Know how and when to water and ensure the healthy growth of your crops. 

Coworking space


Elospark II, Estrada de São Marcos 33, 2735-521, Office 11 (Agroop), Sintra ​


Road access

300 meters from Paço de Arcos Road (Oeiras - Cacém).


Access by bus

150 meters from the bus stop with direct connection to Marquês de Pombal, Paço de Arcos, Barcarena and Cacém.


Access by train

A 25-minute walk from Massamá-Barcarena train station.

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