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Finalist Crédito Agrícola

10 de agosto de 2022

Agroop was selected as one of the Innovation & Digitalization finalists of Crédito Agrícola bank.

In the World's mouth

27 de março de 2022

It's once again an honor the keep being referenced globally among one of the top companies in the Agtech space.

Face to face is back

9 de setembro de 2021

In the early days of September, Agroglobal, one of the biggest and most relevant tradeshows of Portugal came back on a in person...

New content channel

2 de setembro de 2021

Some months ago Agroop bought (for €1k) on of the most known blogs in Portugal, called Marketing Agrícola...

Performance transparency

1 de setembro de 2021

Despite the fact that we have many critical tasks and priorities on our plate, from the past months we have been making an effort to measure...

Consistently referenced

18 de agosto de 2021

In a consistent way and year after year Agroop has been referenced as one of the top agritech companies in the World. This consistency...

A greener agriculture

10 de agosto de 2021

It’s true that Agroop’s new platform, Farmoo will allow us to explore much more than the IoT component, however looking to this image and...

Partnering with Vodafone

1 de agosto de 2021

Vodafone is a company that doesn’t need any kind of introduction but is important to mention and to share that it has a strong IoT strategy...

Strongest quarter ever

21 de julho de 2021

As referred and predicted in the previous quartely report, Agroop could partially recover from the first quarter negative dynamic...

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