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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Agroop’s websites, Services and equipments that gather data and present these terms, as well as the corresponding Products support offline Services. This Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to Agroop’s websites, Services and Products that don’t present or contain hyperlinks to this document or have their own privacy declarations.

Agroop favors transparency when using its Services, reason why it demands you to carefully read the constant conditions of the present document, in which it informs about the way it handles the data treatment, its purposes, the means and conditions of the communication, but also, its rights as the data’s owner.

1. Gathered information 

Agroop gathers several types of information to operate efficiently and provide you the best possible Products, Services and ways of use. Some of this data are directly provided, others are obtained through the observation of the way you interact with Agroop’s Products and Services. Others are available through other sources that may be combined with the data Agroop gathers directly. Regardless of the source, Agroop considers important to deal with that information carefully and help the User/Client maintain his privacy.

What we gather:

– Registration/Creation of an Agroop account – when you sign up to use our websites and Services, you may be asked to provide information about yourself, such as your name, tax file number, email and phone number.

– Login – to access some of Agroop’s Services, you will need to login with an email and a password, known as Agroop account. By logging in in one of our Services or websites, you can automatically login in other Agroop’s websites and Services that use the Agroop account.

– Use of our sites and Services – we gather data that tell us how you interact with our Services, including the browser you use, your IP address, your location, cookies and other unique IDs, the pages you visit and the features you use.

– Data from other sources – through the demographic data we buy from other companies, we can get additional information about you.

When we request you the personal information, you can refuse to provide it. However, by doing so, you may not be able to use some features or Services.

How we gather:

– Registration or search forms, elements where you will invariably insert data;

– Technologies like cookies and web beacons.

– Web registers that allow us to gather standard information sent by the browser to all the visited websites, such as the IP address, the browser’s type and language and the website where the User comes from, as well as the visited pages and used hyperlinks used by visiting our sites and Services.

– Software installed in the computer or other device, prone to give information needed to operate, update or improve that Software.

2. Creating an Agroop account

You can create an Agroop account by providing the data previously mentioned (name, email, phone number and password). We will use your information solely for safety reasons, such as to verify your identity or reset your password if you can’t access your Agroop account. Some Services may require additional safety; in those cases, you will be asked to provide some additional information. The email and password used to create and log in in your Agroop account are your “credentials” that you will use for the authentication to our network. We give your credentials a unique ID number to identify them and corresponding information.

You must use a personal email in an email Service to which you have access.

When you create an Agroop account, you will also ask you to provide the following demographic data: country and zip code.

You may request your date of birth to verify if you are a legal adult.

Possible gathered demographic information will be used for market studies and will also be used by our online ads systems to present you personalized ads about the Products and Services you may find useful; however, our ads services don’t receive or use information that may identify you personally or directly (like your name, email or phone number). If you choose not to receive personalized ads, you can block the receiving of cookies in your computer or devices.

For more information about cookies, check the tab Advertisement Presentation on our Agroop’s Cookie Policy.

We will use the email you used to create your Agroop account to send you reports related to your use of our Products and Services and the safety of your account.

Similarly, we may send you promotional emails about our Products and Services, according to the local legislation.

3. Login in Software, websites or Services with your Agroop account

When you log in in a website or Service with your Agroop account, we gather some information to validate your identity on behalf of the website or Service, protect you from a malicious use of the account and also protect the efficiency and safety of the account Service. For example, after the login, the account Service receives your credentials and registers your login name and other information, such as the unique number associated with your credentials, your IP address, the version of the browser and operating system and a date and time. If you use an Agroop account to log in in a device or Software installed on a device, that device gets an exclusive and random ID which will be sent as part of your credentials to the account Service in Agroop.

Afterwards, that same ID will be used to help protect your account anytime you log in in a website or Service with your Agroop account. In that case, the account Service sends the following strict confirmation information  to the website or Service you log in in; an exclusive ID (which allows the website or Service to determine if you are the same person every time you log in), the version number given to your account (it is given a new number each time you change the login information), confirmation or non-confirmation of the email address and warning related to the deactivation of your account (if the account has been eventually deactivated).

When you log in in an Agroop app, it will send standard information to Agroop about your device, like the manufacturer and the model of the device. We may use that information about the device to customize some communications with you, such as emails or chats meant to help you start using an Agroop app.

Some third-parties websites and Services that allow to log in with your Agroop account require your email address for the supply of Services. So, we provide your email address (but not your password) to that website or Service. If you create the Agroop’s account credentials with the website or Service, you may have limited access to the information associated with your credentials and profile, as seen during the creation of the account.

If you received your account through third-parties, like an administrator of an entity, that person may have rights regarding your account, such as view your use of the account, profile data, read or store content in your account and even suspend or cancel your account. If the User is an entity administrator and has provided to its Users Agroop accounts, he will be responsible for any activity performed by those accounts.

Please note that the websites and Services that allow you to log in with your Agroop account may use or share your email address or other personal information provided to them, as mentioned on the corresponding privacy declarations. It can also share the exclusive ID number provided by the account Service only to fulfill a Service or transaction requested by you. All the websites or Services that use an Agroop account need to have a privacy declaration, though Agroop doesn’t control or monitor the privacy practices of those websites, prone to variations.

4. How we use your personal information 

We use the information we gather to operate, improve and customize the Products and Services we offer. The information gathered through an Agroop service can be bundled with the information obtained through other Agroop’s Services to give you a more consistent and customized interaction. We may also complement these with information gotten from other companies. For example, we can use other companies’ Services that help us calculate a general geographic area based on your IP address in order to customize certain Services regarding your geographic area.

We may also use the information to communicate with you, to inform you, for example, that a subscription is about to expire, when safety updates become available, or even to warn when you need to activate your account to keep it active.

5. Sharing of your personal information 

We share your information with your consent. We can share or disclose personal information with other affiliates controlled by us and its affiliates, as well as suppliers or agents who work on behalf of us. For example, the companies hired to provide support Services to the Client or help in the protection and safety of our Services may need access to the personal information to perform those tasks. In those cases, these companies must fulfill our data privacy requirements and are not allowed to use the information to any other purpose. We may also disclose personal information when it comes to group transactions, such as a fusion or a sale of assets.

Finally, we can access, disclose and save your personal information, including your private content, when we believe that such is necessary to:

– The execution of a contract in which our Clients (data owners) are a part of or to pre-contractual diligences requested y the data owner;

– Comply with the law or respond to legal processes instituted by competent authorities, including the ones derived from governmental authorities or agencies;

– Protect our Clients (avoid spam or attempts to defraud the Services’ Users and/or to help avoid severe injuries or deaths);

– Operate and assure the safety of our Services, such as by avoiding or preventing an attack to our computerized Systems or networks;

– Protect our rights or our property, including the application of the terms that rule the use of the Services; however, if we receive information that indicate someone is using our Services to use/manipulate/alienate Agroop’s physical or intellectual property, we will not inspect the Client’s private life on our own, though we can report the case to the authorities.

Take into consideration that some of our websites and Services include links to third-parties websites or Services, which possess different privacy policies.

If you send personal information to any of those websites or Services, your data will be managed by the privacy declarations of those third-parties websites or Services.

6. Access to personal information

Some of our Services allow you to view or edit your personal information online.

To prevent other from seeing your personal information, you will be requested to log in first.

The ways to access your personal data will depend on the websites or Services used by you:

– net: you can access and update your profile at by visiting the page Agroop Account.

– Invoicing System and Agroop Accounts: if you have an Agroop account with an entity of yours, you can update your personal information, by clicking on the “edit” button, on the entity’s profile.

– Agroop Account: If you wish to update the profile information in your Agroop account, change your password, add security information, view the exclusive ID associated to your credentials or close your account, you can do it through the settings on any Agroop’s app or website.

– Public profile: If you created a public profile with your Agroop account, you can edit or delete information on your public profile by entering your profile in any Agroop’s app or website.

If you can’t access your personal data gathered by our websites or Services (through the hyperlinks mentioned above) these websites and Services can provide you other ways to access your data. You can reach out to us using the form available online.

The request to access or removal of your personal data will be answered up until 30 days after your request.

7. Communication preferences

If you receive promotional emais from us and you wish to stop receiving them, you can do it by following the steps mentioned in the email itself.

According to the respective Service, you may also have the option to proactively choose the receiving of promotional material through notifications, email, phone number and mail, from specific websites and Services of ours by visiting or logging in on the following pages:

– Agroop’s promotional communication manager allows you to update the contact information, manage the contact preferences concerning Agroop, cancel subscriptions and choose to share your contact information with our Partners. If you don’t have an Agroop account, you can manage your communication preferences using our email, through a form available online.

These options don’t apply to the presentation of online advertisement and/or the receiving of the Service’s mandatory communications, considered a part of certain Services of ours, prone to being received from time to time by you (except if you have cancelled the Service).

8. Geolocation services

When you use a feature or Service based on locations, available mobile telecommunication towers’ data, Wi-Fi data and GPS data can be send to Agroop. Agroop uses the location information to present to you Services requested by you, customize your experience and improve Agroop’s Products and Services.

The support can be provided via phone call or email. We can use the Remote Access (RA), with your consent, to temporarily browser in your session. The phone conversations or the Remote Access with the professionals can be recorded and/or monitored.

When it comes to the Remote Access, you can log off at any time or, if you chose to continue until the end of the session, access the recording after the end of the session.

Some Services may allow you to control the time when the location information is sent to Agroop or made available to others. In some cases, the location information is essential to the Service and may require the feature’s uninstalling or the Service’s discontinuation, to stop the sending of location information.

9. Support data

Support data is the information we gather when you submit a support request or execute a problem resolution, including information about Hardware, Software and other details related to the support incident, such as: information about contact or authentication, information about the condition of the machine and the application in the moment of the flaw and during the diagnosis, System and registration data about the Software installations and Hardware setting, and also error control files. We use the support data as described in this Privacy Declaration and also to solve your support incident, and for training purposes.

The support can be provided via phone call or email. We can use the Remote Access (RA), with your consent, to temporarily browser in your session. The phone conversations or the Remote Access with the professionals can be recorded and/or monitored.

When it comes to the Remote Access, you can log off at any time or, if you chose to continue until the end of the session, access the recording after the end of the session. After a support incident, we might send you a survey about your experience and offers. You can refuse the receiving of support surveys regardless of other communications provided by Agroop, by contacting Support.

To revise and edit your personal information gathered by our support Services, contact us using our online form.

10. Payment systems

Payment data is the information you provide when you shop online. This can include your payment system (for example, credit card, PayPal, Stripe), your name and address for invoicing and the security code associated to your payment system (for example, CSV or CVV). This section provides additional information regarding the gathering and use of your payment data.

Payment data is used to conclude your transaction, as well as to detect and prevent possible frauds. To maximize these objectives (such as the reduction of credit risk), we might share your payment data with banks and other entities who process payment transactions or other financial services.

The payment or organization data provided by you will also be stored to help you conclude future transactions.

You can update or remove the payment method information associated to your Agroop account. You can also remove the payment method information associated to your organization account by contacting Customer Service. However, after we close your account or remove a payment method, we can keep your payment method data during the time considered reasonable to complete your existent transaction and comply with the legal requirements e/or prevent possible frauds.

11. Agroop account

The Agroop account consists of a Service that allowa you to log in on Agroop’s Products, websites and Services, as well as on our selected Partners ones.

12. Access to your personal information and closing your account

You can access your personal information on your Agroop account through our page.

You can change your username, your password, alternative email and phone number.

You can also close your Agroop account using the option “Close your account”.

If your Agroop account has been added by an entity’s administrator, there may be a special procedure to close your Agroop account.

13. Other rights

Besides the data access, correction and elimination rights, as owner of the data we gathered you also have the following rights:

– Purpose limitation;

– Opposing to the purpose;

– Data portability;

– Remove the consent to the purpose at any time, without compromising the purpose’s lawfulness based on the previous consent given;

– File a complaint to a control authority. In Portugal: Comissão Nacional de Oriteção de Dados (CNPD) (National Data Protection Committee).

These rights may be directly executed by accessing your account on Agroop or through the sending of a communication to out contacts, doing your request.

14. Other relevant information about privacy

Below, you will find additional information about privacy you may find important.

Many of this information describe common practices in the industry but we want to make sure you know about them. Take into consideration that this information is not a complete description of our practices. All of it is an extension of the previous information, more specific, included on other sections of this privacy declaration.

On this page:

– Protect the security of personal information;

– Changes in our privacy declarations;

– How to contact us.

15. Protect the safety of personal information

We are committed to protecting the safety of your personal information. So, we use a wide variety of technologies and safety procedures to help protect your personal information against non-authorized access, use or disclosure. For example, we store the provided personal information in computerized systems with limited access, located in controlled locations. When we transmit extremely confidential information (like a credit card number or password) through the Internet, we protect them using encryption like, for example, the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Being used a password to help protect your accounts and personal information, the maintenance of the confidentiality of that password is your responsibility, so we ask you to not disclose that password. If you share a computer, you must always log of before exiting a website or Service to prevent the following Users from getting access to your information.

16. International data transfers

The use of our Services may imply the international transfer of your data. In that case, Agroop will strictly comply with the applicable legal dispositions, such as, when it comes to the determination of the adaptation of the personal data’s protection level of the transfer’s recipient country, and also regarding the requirements applicable to the transfer.

17. Data’s retention period and account deletion

After 30 days of the account deletion request, the user account and all its information will be permanently deleted, and no one will be able to retrieve the information. During those 30 days the content remains subject to our Terms and conditions and Privacy policy and is not accessible to other people using Farmoot. 


It may take up to 90 days to complete the deletion process after it begins. Copies of user’s content may remain after the 90 days in backup storage that we use to recover in the event of a disaster, software error, or other data loss event. We may also keep your information for things like legal issues, terms violations, or harm prevention efforts. 

18. Changes in our privacy declarations 

We will occasionally update our privacy declarations to reflect the changes on our Services and still taking into consideration our Clients’ suggestions or impositions from the applicable legislation. If there are material changes to the declaration or to the way we will use your personal information, you will be notified through the highlighted publication of a notice about the changes before these come into effect or the direct sending of a notification. We advise you to regularly check the privacy declarations related to the Products and Services you use, to know how we protect your information.

19. Types of Data collected

The owner does not provide a list of Personal Data types collected.

Complete details on each type of Personal Data collected are provided in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or by specific explanation texts displayed prior to the Data collection.

Personal Data may be freely provided by the User, or, in case of Usage Data, collected automatically when using this Application.

Unless specified otherwise, all Data requested by this Application is mandatory and failure to provide this Data may make it impossible for this Application to provide its services. In cases where this Application specifically states that some Data is not mandatory, Users are free not to communicate this Data without consequences to the availability or the functioning of the Service.

Users who are uncertain about which Personal Data is mandatory are welcome to contact the Owner.

Any use of Cookies – or of other tracking tools – by this Application or by the owners of third-party services used by this Application serves the purpose of providing the Service required by the User, in addition to any other purposes described in the present document and in the Cookie Policy, if available.

Users are responsible for any third-party Personal Data obtained, published or shared through this Application and confirm that they have the third party's consent to provide the Data to the Owner.

20. The rights of Users

Users, through the contacts provided in the point "21. Agroop's Contacts",  may exercise certain rights regarding their Data processed by the Owner. In particular, Users have the right to do the following:

– Withdraw their consent at any time. Users have the right to withdraw consent where they have previously given their consent to the processing of their Personal Data.​​​​​​

– Object to processing of their Data. Users have the right to object to the processing of their Data if the processing is carried out on a legal basis other than consent. Further details are provided in the dedicated section below.


– Access their Data. Users have the right to learn if Data is being processed by the Owner, obtain disclosure regarding certain aspects of the processing and obtain a copy of the Data undergoing processing.

– Verify and seek rectification. Users have the right to verify the accuracy of their Data and ask for it to be updated or corrected.


– Restrict the processing of their Data. Users have the right, under certain circumstances, to restrict the processing of their Data. In this case, the Owner will not process their Data for any purpose other than storing it.

– Have their Personal Data deleted or otherwise removed. Users have the right, under certain circumstances, to obtain the erasure of their Data from the Owner.

– Receive their Data and have it transferred to another controller. Users have the right to receive their Data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format and, if technically feasible, to have it transmitted to another controller without any hindrance. This provision is applicable provided that the Data is processed by automated means and that the processing is based on the User's consent, on a contract which the User is part of or on pre-contractual obligations thereof.

– Lodge a complaint. Users have the right to bring a claim before their competent data protection authority.

21. Agroop’s Contacts

If you have any question related to technical support, contact us using the following email

If your doubts are related to privacy or you want to ask the Agroop’s Privacy official a question, or if you wish to request access to your personal information, contact us via:


– Mail (Headquarters): Agroop – Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Edifícios Centrais sala 8, R/C, Rua da Criatividade, 2510-216 Óbidos, Portugal;

– Mail (Office): Agroop – Elospark II, Estrada de São Marcos 33, Escritório 11, 2735-521, Sintra, Portugal;

– Telephone (Office): (+351) 214 240 126

You can contact the responsible for eAgroop, Lda. data protection using the following address: eAgroop Lda., Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Edifícios Centrais Sala 8, R/C, Rua da Criatividade, 2510-216 Óbidos, Portugal.

Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy applies to the Agroop’s websites, Services and equipment that gather data and present these terms.

Most of Agroop’s websites use “cookies” – small text files stored in your device – to help the websites in the gathering of information about online activities.

A cookie’s text consists, often, of a sequence of numbers and letters (an ID) that identifies, uniquely, your computer, although it may contain some other information as well.

Our websites can also contain web markers or other similar technologies. We use cookies and similar technologies for several purposes, listed with more detail below.

1. How to control cookies and similar technologies 

We provide browser controls to help you manage the cookies. You can also accept cookies without receiving, however, personalized advertising.

2. Browser controls to block cookies 

Most of the web browsers automatically accepts the cookies. However, you can alter your browser’s definitions to block cookies. You can also check the instructions regarding blocking cookies in browsers in the respective browser privacy declaration.

Please note that, if you choose to block cookies, it may be impossible to login or use interactive features from Agroop’s websites and Services, and you will lose some advertising preferences that depend on the cookies.

3. Browser controls to delete cookies

You can check the instructions concerning the elimination of cookies on the browsers in the corresponding browser privacy declaration.

Please note that, if you choose to delete cookies, any settings and preferences controlled by those cookies, including advertising preferences, will be deleted and may have to be created again.

4. Browser controls to “Not monitor” and monitoring protection 

Some more recent browsers incorporate “Don’t control” features. Most of these features, when activated, send a signal or a preference to the websites you visit, informing that the User doesn’t wish to be controlled. Those websites (or third-party contents on those sites) may remain involved in activities the User may consider as control, although his preference was evident, depending on those websites privacy settings. Today, there is no agreement when it comes to the DNT signal interpretation; Consequently, Agroop, doesn’t respond to browsers DNT signals in our own websites or online services, or third-party websites and online services in which we provide advertising, content or gather information. We are keeping track of the online industry and waiting for an agreement regarding how to handle DNT signals.

5. Advertisement presentation 

Most of the ads presented will be created by Agroop itself. When you are faced with an ad, we will place one or more cookies in your computer and devices so that these are recognized anytime any other ad is presented to you after. This entire process allows us to compile information, throughout the time, about the type of pages, content and ads that are visited or viewed by you or whoever uses your computer and/or devices. Therefore, this compilation will help us select, insightfully, the ads we present to you so that those ads are nor constantly presented to you and to make sure all those presented to you match your interests.

Most of the web browsers allows you to manage your cookies preference. You can setup your browser to refuse cookies or eliminate some in particular. In general, you should be able to also manage similar technologies the same way you manage the cookies, using the browsers preference. The following links show you how to adjust your browser settings (according to the most popular browsers):

– Internet Explorer

– Firefox

– Safari

– Chrome

Please note that, if you choose to block the cookies that we want to put in your browser, you will be invariably deteriorating the good performance of our services, considering that you are placing a barrier in our communication to you as our Client.

One of the third-party services we use to register the activity related to a certain service of ours (placement of cookies, for example), is Google Analytics.

If you don’t want Google Analytics to gather or use any information, you can install an opt-out option in your web browser.

6. Advertisement refusal controls 

Considering cookies can be used for many purposes, Users that don’t want to receive personalized ads can choose to accept cookies and refuse, simultaneously, that particular purpose. Companies related to the online advertisement field have elaborated guidelines and programs to help establish the Users’ privacy protection, and these programs include web pages to which you can access to refuse the receiving personalized ads from every participant companies (including Agroop).

These pages include:

(A) A page of the options of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) consumer:;

(B) A page of cancellation from Network Advertising Initiative (NAI):

In Europe, you can also visit you options page online:

The advertisement companies may also offer their own possibilities of ads refusal, plus more advanced advertisement options. Please note that the refusal doesn’t mean that you will stop receiving adds or see less ads, it means the ads you receive will not be personalized. Besides that, the refusal doesn’t prevent the information from entering our servers, but it stops is from create and update profiles that may be used to behavioral advertisement.

7. More information

To get more information about the cookies use (and also how to block them), visit (Europe) or (USA).

If you have any questions or commentaries about the use we give to the cookies, please contact us using the email

We also allow other advertisement companies, including other advertisement networks, to display ads on our websites. In some cases, these third-parties can also put cookies in your computer and gather information about your online activities on websites or online services.

8. Third-parties analysis control 

As precisely specified below, many Agroop’s websites and online services and other companies use third-parties’ analysis services which use cookies and web signals to compile bundled statistics regarding the promotional campaigns efficiency or other website’s operations. You can refuse the gathering or the use of data by any of these analysis providers, by clicking on the following links:

(A) Omniture (Adobe):

(B) Nielsen:

(C) Coremetrics:

(D) Visible Measures:

(E) Google Analytics: (it requires the installation of a browser complement)

9. Our cookies use 

Agroop’s websites use cookies to several purposes, such as, to store your preferences and settings. If you insert your city or zip code to get the local news and weather information, we can storage that city and zip code in a cookie so that you can see the most relevant information when you return to the site. This process can save you time, eliminating the need to insert the same data any time you use the service.

10. Login and authentication 

By logging in a site or service using your Agroop account, we store an exclusive ID and the time of the login in an encrypted cookie on your device. That cookie allows you to browse the pages without having to login again on each page.

11. Personalized advertisement

When we present you online ads, we put one or more cookies in your device so that we are able to recognize it and give you personalized ads. The presentation of the ads on our advertisement Partners’ websites and editors, as well as our own websites, allows us to compile information throughout the time about the type of pages, content and ads that are visited or viewed by you or whoever uses your equipment or device. This information allows us to select the ads we present you, avoiding that the same ads are repeatedly presented to you. It also helps us select and present personalized advertisement that we believe are of your interest.

12. Website analysis 

We may use cookies to obtain the exclusive number of visitors of a web page or service, or to develop other bundled statistics about the operations of our sites and services. These analyses help us operate and improve the performance of these sites and services.

Some of the cookies that we usually use are listed subsequently. This list is not extensive, but it intends to illustrate the main reasons why we use cookies.

If you visit any of our websites, there might be there some or all the following cookies:

VISIT. Identifies specific browsers which visit our websites. It is used for advertisement, website analysis and other operational purposes;

ANON. Contains the ANID, an exclusive identifier used to help identify the ads that the Users like you might like. It is also used to keep you option to refuse our Agroop’s personalized advertising if you choose to associate that refusal to your Agroop account.

CC. Contains a country code as determined by the IP address reverse consultation.

Authentication of the Agroop account. Authentication cookies (such as RPSTAuth, MSNRPSAuth, KievRPSAuth) useful when you log in in you Agroop account.

NAP. Contains an encrypted version of your country, zip code, age, gender, language and job, if they are known, based on the profile of your Agroop account.

MH. It comes up on sites that cooperate with other brands in which Agroop establishes partnerships with an advertiser. This cookie identifies the advertiser so that the correct ad can be selected.

ACH01. Stores information about the ads that you clicked on and where on the ad you clicked.

TOptOout. Registers your decision to not receive our personalized advertisement.

Besides the cookies defined by us depending on the website you visit, it is also possible that third-parties define cookies when you visit the same sites. If that happens, that outside entity will be hired by us to provide services in our name, such as website analyses. Another reason can be the fact that our web pages present third-parties content or ads, like videos, news or ads sent by other advertiser networks.

Once your browser connects to those third-parties web servers to get that content, these can place or read their own cookies on your device and gather information about you online activities on websites or online services.

13. Our web beacons use 

Our web pages can contain electronic images known as web beacons – sometimes named single pixel gifs – which can be used to help send our websites’ cookies, count the Users of those pages and provide bundled marketing services. Sometimes we include web beacon in our promotional messages or email newsletters solely to determine if the messages were open and used.

We also occasionally work with other companies that advertise on our websites, putting web beacons in those sites or ads so that we can develop statistics about the frequency of purchases or other actions caused by a click placed on an Agroop’s website.

Finally, our websites may contain third-parties web beacons to help compile bundled statistics about the efficiency of our promotional campaigns or other operations on our sites. These web beacons may allow third-parties to put or read a cookie on your computer or device. These companies can gather information about your online activities on websites or online servers. However, we will not allow third-parties to use web beacons to gather or access to information that directly identify you (such as your name and email). You can refuse the data gathering or it use by these external data analysis companies, as mentioned in “Third-parties analyses control”.

14. Other similar technologies

Besides the normal cookies and web beacons, the websites can use other technologies to save and read data files on your device. The purpose of this procedure may be to keep your preferences or improve the speed and performance of the System, considering it can store specific files. However, and similarly to the normal cookies, these technologies can also be used to save an exclusive identifier of your computer or device; this indicator may later be useful to monitor your online activity. These technologies include shared local objects (or “flash cookies”), local Storage HTML5 and Silverlight Application Storage.

15. Agroop’s Contacts

If you have any question related to technical support, contact us using the following email

If your doubts are related to privacy or you want to ask the Agroop’s Privacy official a question, or if you wish to request access to your personal information, contact us via:


– Mail (Headquarters): Agroop – Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Edifícios Centrais sala 8, R/C, Rua da Criatividade, 2510-216 Óbidos, Portugal;

– Mail (Office): Agroop – Elospark II, Estrada de São Marcos 33, Escritório 11, 2735-521, Sintra, Portugal;

– Telephone (Office): (+351) 214 240 126

You can contact the responsible for eAgroop, Lda. data protection using the following address: eAgroop Lda., Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Edifícios Centrais Sala 8, R/C, Rua da Criatividade, 2510-216 Óbidos, Portugal.

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